About Us

Denver Roof Systems

With over 30-plus combined years of experience in the roofing industry, Denver Roof Systems, the premier Denver Roofing Company, consistently makes a point to do quality work with integrity and superior customer service.  It is our mission to continue to be superior local roofers in the greater Denver area.  We make the greatest effort to make sure you as the homeowner are happy and satisfied from your roof down.  We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly business that is locally owned and operated as a Denver roofing company.  Denver Roof Systems is comprised of well-trained, hard-working individuals – from our strong production team to our knowledgeable sales associates to our courteous office staff.   We maintain a high quality of excellence in our jobs by never letting you get lost in the shuffle.   We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded in the entirety of the Colorado Front Range and have excellent relationships with the various city inspectors, allowing us to work closely to make sure your home is up to Colorado roofing building code standards. We look forward to doing business with you!

Danny Davis

Danny Davis has worked as the head of production for three national roofing companies over the last 15 years and created Denver Roof Systems to better serve its clients.  His vast experience and attention to detail help keep Denver Roof Systems on track of satisfying homeowners. His wealth of knowledge of local building codes and regulations makes the inspections go smooth and quick.  Danny runs the Production crews and the office while giving support to the sales team.  His constant communication between homeowners and crew continues to serve as the model for our company and helps us keep our customer satisfaction at a high level.

Sam Martin

Sam Martin graduated with a B.S in Accounting from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  A crucial piece in the workings of Denver Roof Systems, he takes care of part of the office work, helps aide the Production team as well as goes into the field and meets with prospective clients.  Drawing from a hard work ethic and a growing knowledge base, his contributions to both the customers and company are exemplary.

Steve Drago

Steve Drago has been a Project Manager for three national roofing companies over the last 15 years.  His knowledge base encompasses all types of storm damage from hurricanes to hail and wind damage.  Insurance claims expert, he has settled more than 1,000 claims and worked with every major insurance company.  His curbside manner and wealth of experience makes him exceptional at spotting damage from the street and making sure that you are aware of the damage above your head.  Steve feels personally responsible to make sure that your home is safe and protected.

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